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Welcome to XSports USA 

XSports USA is a full service logo apparel supplier located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.  We support Corporations, Small Business, Athletic Organizations and any other entity that wants to promote and enhance their identity. 


Let us transform your brand into wearable advertisement. We offer a simple solution to your organization's apparel needs. No order too large or too small.  We can customize the quality apparel, at a cost you can be excited about. 

One Click. One Solution. 

Let's face it, there are unlimited suppliers out there who can provide your apparel for you. So, why XSports?  We have the simple solution that others can't offer. We have the option to develop your very own online apparel store. No need to order in bulk. We have the true solution for you to order one at a time. This is something others can't provide!


Call Us Today:

Call us today and let us discuss our solutions for you.


(612) 355-0770


From large corporations to small business and any other organization. We supply all promotional apparel and products  with your own customization.  We want to work with you to enhance your indentity.

Our roots  began in the athletic  industry. We provide team uniforms, apparel, accessories and training equipment for any college, high school or athletic organization. From uniforms to agility ladders we can outfit your team.  

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