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Our Services:

Our services have been developed to be flexible with your changing needs.  Our services surpass others as we want you to focus on your organizations needs, not the apparel. 

We can create your own custom web page that you can link to your own website. Consider it your very own apparel store.  Then, you can direct who ever you want to that site. No need to order in bulk. When you need it, click and order. It is that easy. 


We will work with you to establish the items that match your needs, with your logo. We will customize any apparel to the quality you are looking for.  
We offer Embroidery, Screen Printing or Applique.  If you need to change the logo, or type of apparel at any time, no problem. The whole process is in one software solution.  This allows us to be flexible with your changing needs.

Industry Expertise: 

We can provide you unlimited options for apparel. We have relationships with all major brand companies such as ADDIDAS, NIKE, PUMA, UNDER ARMOUR, PING, and so on. We also have relationships all other major apparel manufacturers that provide more cost effective options. 


Our experience in the industry will ease the design process for you.  We can help with the design of your logo, determining the appropriate apparel, and defining the finished product.  We understand the latest trends, and the quality and purpose of the different apparel options out there. Let us guide you. 



Apparel Management:

We want to ease your efforts and manage your apparel needs. You won't need to recreate the process everytime you want to place another order. We will manage your information. There will be no need for you to have boxes of unused apparel, wasting money, and space. We will manage all aspects of the process that include the inventory, the production and delivery. You order it when you need it.


 ​All apparel ordering, customization and delivery is within our full control.  We know exactly where in the process your order is at all times.  Blank product is delivered, customized and shipped to the customer from one site. This reduces expenses and time, and allows us to quality control the product being delivered.

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